2022 ISPNE Committees

Executive Committee

Carmine Pariante, President
Emma Adam, President-Elect
Nicolas Rohleder, Secretary General
Sonia Lupien, Past-President

Elizabeth Anne Shirtcliff,  Editor-in-Chief PNEC
Robert Dantzer, Editor-in-Chief PNEC

Finance Committee

Nicolas Rohleder, Chair
Jonathan Seckl
Ilona Yim

Membership Committee

Katja Wingenfeld
Nicolas Rohleder

Awards Committee

Megan Gunnar
Sonia Lupien
Ron de Kloet
Charles Nemeroff
Jonathan Seckl

Education Committee

Rebecca Reynolds
Heather Abercrombie

Early Career Scholars Committee

Carolina Estevao
Shannin Moody
Maria Meier
Jacqueline Rodriguez-Stanley

Journal and Publications Committee

Robert Dantzer
Ned Kalin
Oliver Wolf
Elsevier Publications




You can download the Society´s bylaws here.