53rd Annual Meeting of the ISPNE


ISPNE 2023 Conference Preliminary Program
London, 29th-31st August and 1st September


29th August  Tuesday

Early Career Day
12 noon- 17.00 Early Career Scholar Workshop
Time TBC Social event for Early Career Scholar
30th August Wednesday Conference Day 1
08:00-18:00 Registration
13:00-13.15 Presidential Welcome: Opening, Early Career Scholar Award – Carmine Pariante
13:15-13:50 Dirk Hellhammer Award - TBA
13:50-14:00 ISPNE Service Award to Clemens Kirschbaum (Germany) – Nic Rohleder
14:00 -15:00 Bruce McEwen Lifetime Achievement Award - TBA
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-16:30 ISPNE Business Meeting
16:30-18:30 Presidential Symposium: Has targeting the HPA axis delivered translational impact?
  Chairs: Valeria Mondelli (UK), Alan Schatzberg (USA)
  - Valeria Mondelli (UK): Where are we with personalised intervention in psychiatry?
  - Stuart Watson (UK): Why have Mifepristone trials failed?
  - Alan Schaztzberg (USA): What have we learnt from our experience with RU486 and with blocking the glucocorticoid receptor?
  - Christian Otte (Germany): Translational impact of mineralocorticoid receptor manipulation in major depression
18:30-20:00 Poster Session 1 - with drinks
19:30-22:00 Welcome Reception

31st August  Thursday

Conference Day 2
07:30-18:00 Registration
08:30-9.45 Parallel symposia
  Parallel symposia 1
  Parallel symposia 2
  Parallel symposia 3
09:45-10.15 Coffee break
10.15-11.15 Keynote Lecture 1:
  Charles Nemeroff (USA): Lessons learnt from CRF research
11.15-12.45 Plenary symposium 1: The impact of psychoneuroendocrinology on the health of women and babies
  Annamaria Cattaneo (Italy): Molecular and biological understanding of perinatal mental health
  Samantha Meltzer-Brody (USA): Brexanolone, and how psychoneuroendocrinology has helped maternal mental health
  Sonja Entringer (Germany): The role of cortisol and inflammation in the transgenerational transmission of risk
12:45-13:45 Lunch
  PNEC-CPNEC Editorial Board, by invitation only
13:45-15:00 Parallel symposia
  Parallel symposia 4
  Parallel symposia 5
  Parallel symposia 6
15:00-15.30 Coffee break
15:30-16:30 Keynote Lecture 2
  Elisabeth Binder (Germany): FKBP5, from molecular discovery to translational impact
16:30-18:00 Plenary symposium 2: Improving the health of society through psychoneuroendocrinology
  Shannon Gourley (USA): How we can improve resilience in young people?
  Robert Kumsta (Luxembourg): How early psychosocial risk is ‘biologically embedded’ and increases the risk of long term health problems
  Elisabeth (Birdie) Shirtcliff (USA): Stress impact on puberty and youth health
18:30-20:00 Poster session 2 with drinks
20:00-23:00 Gala Dinner
1st September Friday Conference Day 3
08:30-12:00 Registration
09:00-10:00 Keynote Lecture 3 – please notice late start!
  Andrew H Miller (USA): Inflammation and the Development of Targeted Treatments in Psychiatry
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-11:45 Parallel symposia
  Parallel symposia 7
  Parallel symposia 8
  Parallel symposia 9
11.45-13.15 Plenary symposium 3 - TBC
13.15-14:15 Lunch and Speed mentoring – Emma Adam (USA)
14:15-15:15 Oral presentation for selected Early Career Scholar – Sonia Lupien (Canada)
15:15-16:15 Keynote Lecture 4
  Michael Meaney (Singapore/Canada): Translational Transcriptomics: Seqing the truth from model system and human cohort studies of mood disorders
16:15-17:30 Parallel symposia
  Parallel symposia 10
  Parallel symposia 11
  Parallel symposia 12
17:30 Closing remarks